Curbed Takes on Red Hook, ‘New York’

Red Hook: OMG, you guys, like, every post on Curbed today is about le Hook Rouge! And half of them provide photo evidence aiming to disprove New York’s latest story saying that gentrification there bombed. We might just have to get our writer to react to this! More soon. [Curbed]
Chelsea: We don’t want to start any blasphemous rumors, but, well, yes, that was Depeche Mode shooting a (gypsy-filled?) video at the Chelsea Hotel last night. Reportedly. [Living with Legends]
Fort Greene: If you go to the greenmarket here on Saturdays, you’ll not only get an ecosensitive reusable shopping bag, you’ll meet many “engaging and beautiful” neighbors. Is this a front for an escort service? [Clinton Hill Blog]

Harlem: The “high-end, black-owned” shoe store set to open here tomorrow is called Bourgeoisie Shoes. Why not just Bougie Shoes? Is that too much like “Boogie Shoes”? [Uptown Flavor]
South Street Seaport: Are condos really coming here? Only with sweeping 360-degree views of tacky tourists, we hope. [Queens Crap]
Times Square: M&Ms at the store here will be sold “in multiple shades of green to represent” Central Park’s 26,000 trees, with 10 percent of profits going to the park conservancy. But don’t they just look kind of sickly, like they’d give you some weird stomach fungus? [NewYorkology]
Williamsburg: When the demolition next door (at 5 Roebling, specifically) is rocking your building, is it better to work from home and rock with it … or go to the office and perhaps return to rubble? Discuss. [Gowanus Lounge]