Gentrifying Ditmas Park: The Move That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Astoria: Graffiti gives this not-even-moved-into-yet new building “a cozy, ‘lived-in’ feel.” [Curbed]
Clinton Hill: Hipsters turned breeders will learn this weekend how to replace skateboards with infants as their top new accessory. [Still Hip Brooklyn via A Child Grows in Brooklyn]
Ditmas Park: The hood’s pioneering yups preen over their new cafés and shops but balk at charges of gentrification. You can’t have it both ways, people! [Ditmas Park Blog]

Downtown Brooklyn: Will clerical workers be replaced by MacBooks and iPods in the municipal building on Joralemon and Court? [Brownstoner]
Elmhurst: A handsome 1906 library may meet the wrecking ball … and (fancy that) some folks are outraged. [Queens Crap]
Harlem: The housing authority will let private developers make affordable units out of seventeen tenements. Will this save the housing authority … or sell out the hood? [NYDN via Uptown Flavor]
West Village: Did this cheeky young Jewish gay really almost have public sex with a starchitect? [West Village Kid]