‘Heeb’ Parts River, Crosses to Dumbo

Bedford-Stuyvesant: On her recent Bed-Stuy cable show, the hood’s buppie doyenne (and former Essence editrix) Monique Greenwood kept calling the Brownstoner blog “Brownstone.” Like that nineties En Vogue ripoff group! [Bed-Stuy Blog]
Dumbo: Heeb magazine moves here from Soho, perhaps launching an influx of snarky hipster Jews into the hood. If they’re not already here. [DumboNYC]
Forest Hills: According to this blogger, the rudest people around here are the white, non-immigrant ones. [Forest Hills 72]

Harlem: Columbia says that seizing the land the Cotton Club’s on wouldn’t be so bad because, you know, it’s not the original one — even though it’s been there some 30 years. [VV]
South Bronx: Majora Carter, the MacArthur Fellow that New York called “The Jane Jacobs of the South Bronx,” has started blogging for the Huffington Post. You, go, girl … represent! [HuffPo]
Upper East Side: “For someone into death and hardcore, the Upper East Side isn’t a great place to be,” laments this local hard/death-corephile. Really, you don’t say? [Curbed]