Maggie Gyllenhaal Is Glad She Doesn’t Live in New York City Anymore


Photo: Getty Images

Last night at the opening of Chopard boutique on Madison Avenue, we ran into Maggie Gyllenhaal, who recently moved to Park Slope, where she has clearly contracted a full-blown case of Brooklynitis. “I like it a lot,” she rhapsodized about her new neighborhood. “It really does feel like a different place, like a different city.” Yeah, yeah, yeah. The air is cleaner, the sun brighter, the birds chirpier, we know. “What’s nice about it is that you have access to New York City” — she gestured to the party that was going on around us — but “New York City more and more doesn’t feel like somewhere you should live. I mean, I love New York, and I love to come to New York, but I’m glad I don’t live there anymore.” Hm. Last time we checked, Brooklyn was still part of New York, but okay. But it’s not all organic muffins and baby disco for the Gyllenhaal-Sarsgaards. There is one drawback: Apparently, even the boroughs have paparazzi. “I was surprised to find that there were a few,” she told us. Ha! Well, rest assured, Maggie. They probably won’t be able to afford to live there much longer, what with all the movie stars moving in and all. —Bennett Marcus