Marc Jacobs and John Galliano Are the Blair and Serena of Fashion

Marc Jacobs

You’ll notice that their eyes are not smiling.Photo: WireImage, Getty Images

We didn’t notice that Times Styles section writer Eric Wilson had left us an extra-special present inside the Runway blog last week until just now. Apparently he was having lunch at the Mercer last week when he witnessed a dramatic exchange between John Galliano, who was wearing a “fabulously grommeted” beret and his fellow LMVH designer Marc Jacobs, whose hair is (fabulously?) blue. It was recently reported that Jacobs was overheard trash-talking Galliano at his gym, but he wasn’t mean to him at all!

Hi, John!” Mr. Jacobs exclaimed. “How are you doing?”

Good, nice to see you,” Mr. Galliano said. “Oh, you’ve gone a little darker, I see.”

Navy!” Mr. Jacobs said. “Na-vy.”

Oh, that would be a little chicer,” Mr. Galliano said. “Indigo!”

Well, if you ever feel like having tea or coffee, I’m sort of bedridden for a few days, so I can’t move far,” Mr. Jacobs said. “I had an operation.”

Oh really?”

This totally makes up for last week’s Gossip Girl being a rerun.

If Nothing Else, There’s Applause [Runway]