Mary-Kate Olsen Hospitalized With Unglamorous Ailment, ‘People’ Annoyed

Mary Kate

Mary Kate was not hospitalized for being skinny or
crazy or having this hair. Photo: WireImage

Mary-Kate Olsen, poster child for a healthy lifestyle, was hospitalized last night for a kidney infection, according to People magazine, which apparently been deeply betrayed by this turn of events. “The actress … recently said she was in good health,” they report in somewhat defensive tones, and to prove it they toss in a quote from MK saying she was at “the top of her game” as recently as September. How dare she lie like that! Anyway, according to her rep, Olsen Numero Uno is “resting comfortably and will be released in the next day or so,” so no worries, public, she’ll soon be up and back to doing … whatever it is she does.

Mary Kate Olsen Hospitalized with Kidney Infection [People]