New Bronx Best Western: More of the Usual?

East Central Bronx: Locals worry that a Best Western being built in a remote area off an expressway will be used either to house homeless people and/or prostitutes and johns. [NYDN via Queens Crap]
Fort Greene: Nostalgic for Chelsea’s old 26th St. flea market, this high-profile blogger is starting a massive one of his in front of Bishop Loughlin High School…but not till April. [Brownstoner]
Greenpoint: Locals often fear new construction sites…but now, it seems, such sites come with really creepy poems posted to them. [Newyorkshitty]

Park Slope: Another bookstore bites the dust…and this time, it don’t look like John Turturro’s coming to the rescue. [Brownstoner]
South Loop: Yeah, we’re including a Chicago neighborhood, just to show you that ads for new condos there can get even more erotically ridiculous than ones here. [Copyranter]
Williamsburg: And speaking of the Slope, note how tidy and prosperous locals there looked sidelining the marathon yesterday compared with the slack-jawed hipster slouches in another highly archetyped Brooklyn hood. [Curbed]