Okay, Now Who Leaves a Kitten on a Rooftop?

Brooklyn Heights: Rumors are burbling that the hood’s symphonically hyped “Subway Cyrano” saga — where a guy reconnected with his subway crush after searching for her via an online vid — is a Lonelygirl-type hoax. Wouldn’t that be sad? [Brooklyn Heights Blog]
East Village: Sure, two low-paid young’uns can share a $3,000 Stuy Town one-bedroom. If they bring along their $1,000 pressurized wall. [Hunt Grunt]
Flatbush: Several cats have been abandoned on a rooftop! And they’re scared and hungry! [Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn]

Floral Park: Among all the garish new McMansions, finally one garish enough to compare to MTV’s Cribs. And the broker has done just that. [Queens Crap]
Forest Hills: Ikea (supposedly) does more kitchens here now than in Williamsburg. FoHi, bitch, you are hot! Queens Central]
Greenwich Village: A guy proposed to his girlfriend at the Strand this weekend by having “Will,” “You,” “Marry,” and “Me?” affixed to books she was browsing. How novel. [NYP via Gothamist]
Harlem: Our favorite 125th Street–area rag, Uptown Flavor, has a new editor-in-chief, Demetria. Drop those posts, D.! [Uptown Flavor]
Park Slope: Who is killing all the pigeons? And … would the city’s would-be pigeon czar help stop such madness? [Gowanus Lounge]