Ron Perelman and Ellen Barkin: The Middle East of Marriages

Barkin Perelman
This is why people have prenups. Photo: Photo:Getty Images

They've been divorced for more than a year, but a new skirmish has broken out in the seemingly endless war between Ron Perelman and Ellen Barkin. Today comes the news that Perelman is suing his ex-wife, saying she used money from the production company he set up for her, Applehead II, to pay her brother a $250,000-a-year salary and, perversely and awesomely, to finance a suit against Perelman himself. But Ron is refusing to let the marital terrorist win!

"We were initially disappointed at Ms. Barkin's attempts to further enrich herself after the divorce," Perelman spokeswoman Chris Taylor said. "We are further disappointed to learn of her additional actions to further enrich herself, her family and friends.

Will peace ever come to this tumultuous nation?

Revlon chief Perelman sues ex-wife Barkin, her brother over money from film firm he financed [IHT]

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