Ron Perelman and Ellen Barkin: The Middle East of Marriages

Barkin Perelman

This is why people have prenups. Photo:Getty Images

They’ve been divorced for more than a year, but a new skirmish has broken out in the seemingly endless war between Ron Perelman and Ellen Barkin. Today comes the news that Perelman is suing his ex-wife, saying she used money from the production company he set up for her, Applehead II, to pay her brother a $250,000-a-year salary and, perversely and awesomely, to finance a suit against Perelman himself. But Ron is refusing to let the marital terrorist win!

Will peace ever come to this tumultuous nation?

Revlon chief Perelman sues ex-wife Barkin, her brother over money from film firm he financed [IHT]

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