S.I. Newhouse Is Being Nice to Joanne Lipman. Too Nice.


Photo: Getty Images

Embattled Portfolio editor-in-chief Joanne Lipman still appears to be in S.I. Newhouse’s good graces. In his annual rundown of Newhouse’s annual holiday lunch at The Four Seasons, Keith Kelly reports she was seated “at his elbow” at the main table, “in what can only be seen as a signal from the taciturn Newhouse that she still has his support.” Shiver! Those types of machinations totally remind us of Mafia dons, or African dictators. Not that we hang with many Mafia dons or African dictators, but we have seen movies, and we do know this, Joanne: Those guys can be real friendly. Right until they up and slit your throat.

Who’s in Si-Beria? [NYP]