Meet Your ‘Six in the City’ Columnist, Faran Krentcil

Faran Krentcil

Faran Krentcil.Photo: Patrick McMullan

We’ve been following the action behind the search for a writer of Page Six the Magazine’s “Six in the City” column for a couple of months, and were interested to see their final choice of scribe was Faran Krentcil, writer of the blog. Faran has been running around fashion parties for years now, ever since she started working at Fashion Week Daily, and we’ve always suspected she had a little something of a Carrie Bradshaw complex. And lo and behold, witness her introductory column:

The problem with clichés is they’re usually true. Case in point: Me, the blonde, curly-haired girl writing tales of my “fabulous” life. You know what to expect – I breakfast at Tiffany’s sans carbs, I meet devils in Prada, and then I report back to you. Except, of course, it’s not that easy. Celebrities aren’t just like us. And socialites are sometimes just girls who get high in high heels. But there’s some gorgeousness, too, the kind that makes you live in NYC in the first place. It’s my job to find it and serve it up to you.

Oh dear. You can just hear Sarah Jessica Parker’s voice slowly reading that out loud, straining to make it sound wise, or at least world-weary. (Disclosure, Krentcil has contributed to’s Best Bets feature.) Since the column isn’t available online, we’ve reproduced the rest of it for you after the jump. It only gets punnier.

Like last Tuesday at the Black Ball: Bono ascended the red carpet the way a knight approaches a throne, and the paparazzi yelled, “Charge!” They surged, they plunged, and they knocked me down. “Oh no!” laughed Bono. “Is everything all right down there? Are you meditating or do you need…” He couldn’t finish. The cameras were blazing, the crowd was screaming, and I was in the middle of an official celebrity rescue.

Six in the City”? “But there’s some gorgeousness, too, the kind that makes you live in NYC in the first place”? Can’t Candace Bushnell start suing, at some point?

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