Thanks to Comments, Le Call and Caleb McDonald Are More Than Pretty Faces

LookBookFrom left, Le Call; Caleb McDonald. Photo: Getty Images

There was a time when a dork from the boondocks could come to New York City and reinvent himself as a whole new person. Andy Warhol did it, and Madonna, and really just about everyone fabulous who made this place worth the rent and rodent issues in the first place. But now there’s the Internet, and well, that’s the end of that! These days, you can’t show off your carefully cultivated soigné personality and Oliver Twist–with–a–touch–of–Hermès look anywhere without someone from high school popping up cramp your style. Which is what happened to Look Book subject Caleb McDonald this week. McDonald claimed to be from the Middle East, but one commenter begged to differ:

You grew up in Minnesota,” ContentedAndTrue wrote. “Your dad owns a construction company … I am sure people would love you for that if you were honest!” Sigh. Then take model Le Call, whose MySpace profile we plundered earlier this week after she was rumored to be dating Owen Wilson. Someone claiming to be her cousin, Matt Call, said in the Comments that her name, which we called “ridiculous” is actually real (It’s a derivative of Lee) and tells a touching story about her dad dying last year. Then of course someone else chimes in to be like, yeah, okay but she’s “unbearable to work with,” but let’s look on the bright side: Maybe the first commenter is right. Maybe we should not bemoan the loss of New York City’s time-honored right to Transform Yourself, but embrace this new era of forced honesty, and everyone will become way more interesting for all their nuances and flaws, and we will in fact love them for it. Ahem. Anyway. This is all a long way of saying: Keep these comments coming! They’re awesome!