Will an Internship Auction at ‘Bazaar’ Attract the, Well, Bizarre?

BazaarNo, you won’t get to meet Jennifer Aniston.Photo: Getty Images

Would you like to be a down-market version of Lauren Conrad? Want to spend your workdays hand-washing Glenda Bailey’s coffee mug (as we’re told her intern does), fact-checking front-of-the-book nail-polish guides, and avoiding the withering glares of Bailey’s two assistants? Oh, and would you like to pay for the privilege? Then bid now for a one-month internship at Harper’s Bazaar! Charitybuzz.com is running the auction, and the cash will benefit Bette Midler’s New York Restoration Project. The numbers are already up to $725, although the estimated worth of the internship is $1,500. Why so low, we wonder? Isn’t this the job a million girls would kill for? Oh, right: This is Bazaar. Let’s just hope, you know, that someone does all the necessary background checks so that no real killers or psychopaths — or worse — old or fat or ugly people show up at the office, like adult career-changers or people from subpar colleges. Because Bazaar wants to do its part for charity and all, but who wants to be that charitable?

Bid now for an “amazing” internship with Harper’s Bazaar [Charity Buzz via Romenesko]