Dumbo Makes Its Mark

Carroll Gardens: Some people feel that the paltry number of holiday lights strung up on Court Street is really shameful. And they ain’t too proud to blog about it. [Lost City]
Dumbo: It just became the city’s 90th landmark district! Those hulking industrial piles turned boutique lofts will be preserved into perpetuity! Huzzah! [NYS]
East Harlem: Don Imus is kicking in a quarter-mil for an ecofriendly health center up here, saying it’s shameful that such a small hood has such high asthma rates. [Newsday via Uptown Flavor]

Lower Manhattan: The World Trade Center memorial and museum has been postponed to 2011 … but those reflecting pools should be in place by ‘09. [NewYorkology]
Maspeth: Behold the saddest Christmas tree of them all. Meanwhile, the site of the derelict St. Saviour’s church seems to have become a dump. [Queens Crap]
Midtown: Did your year go by like that? Kinda like this video of snapshots of Bryant Park taken every two hours from fall ‘06 to fall ‘07 and then played on fast-forward? Like, with that really awesome Leona Naess song “New York Baby” playing over it? We mean, was your year just like that? ‘Cause ours was. [Gothamist]
West Village: In the near future, the boutiques and cupcakeries of Bleecker Street will be covered over, mall style, resulting from outrage after a pigeon craps on the head of SJP’s son. [Gawker]