Harvey Weinstein Appreciates Tough Love


Happy Harvey: Like a wild black bear; The ‘Stein
looks all cuddly—
until he bites off your face. Photo: Getty Images

We’ve been scared of Harvey Weinstein since P. Diddy’s launch party for his fragrance, Unforgivable Woman. We had squeezed through a gap in the models surrounding Weinstein to ask what he thought he smelled like. He turned into a scary monster, giving us quite possibly the nastiest look we’ve ever received on the party circuit, maybe even in life. “What do you mean, ‘What do I smell like’?!” he growled. So we were shocked to see him floating around the Plaza Athenee Tuesday night after The Great Debaters screening, smiling, laughing, and greeting every table regardless of the importance of its occupants. (Perhaps he’s excited about his wedding to Georgina Chapman tonight? Felt good about that morning’s Globe nods? Had a recent colonic?) And then! Feeling a grizzly presence behind us, we were shocked to turn around and see the ‘Stein himself sticking out his hand for us to shake. We asked if he had any good stories about the film’s absent director, Denzel Washington. “‘You got to do what you have to do to do what you want to do.’ That line in the movie — that’s Denzel to his kids all his life,” he said. “That’s why Denzel’s got great kids that are totally unspoiled.” If Harvey’s as scary to his litter of Chapsteins as he was to us, we doubt he’ll have trouble in that department either. —Amy Odell