Love and Herpes, in Greenpoint

Bowery: The first visitors to the New Museum this weekend were given candy, then yelled at for eating it. [Curbed]
Dumbo: A black disabled woman is suing local megadeveloper Dave Walentas for shutting her out of a luxury rental, saying he excluded her based on quibbles like an outstanding cable bill of $1.61. [NYDN]
Greenpoint: He wants her to know that his bedbug scare and her possible case of genital herpes are no reason they shouldn’t have a torrid affair. Especially now that he’s exterminated his bedroom. [Newyorkshitty]

Harlem: The hood — and all of urban America — was shamed when a Japanese team won the double-Dutch jump-rope competition at the Apollo. [NYS]
Jackson Heights: Speaking of bedbugs, they hide in all sorts of furniture, not just upholstered stuff — a fact that seriously bums out this hood’s sidewalk scavengers. [Jackson Heights Life]
Long Island City: If you’re doing a neighborhood guidebook, maybe it’s not so smart to put a junkyard on the front cover. [Queens Crap]
Upper East Side: New Yorker writer Alex Ross lectured at the Met about Strauss and Shostakovich but didn’t play any of the actual music or take questions, sending the fussy crowd away kvetching. [UES Informer]