Martha Stewart: Donald Trump Is Not a Good Thing

The other day on Martha Stewart’s show, Joan Rivers told the host she had received several Trump Steaks for Christmas. “I thought, ‘I can’t eat Donald Trump,’” she said. “They said, ‘No, he owns the company. They didn’t slaughter him.’ ” “Too bad!” Stewart responded. Don Imus called out Tom Brokaw for not sticking up for him during the “nappy-headed hos” fiasco. Apple Martin was very nice to the staff at the West Village boutique Ink Pad, but daddy Chris Martin wasn’t.

Huan Thuy Lin, the “Paris Hilton of Asia,” was kicked off of her popular TV soap for making a sex tape with her boyfriend. Both Joan Collins and her daughter, Tara Newley, are with men significantly younger than they are. The popular Georgette Klinger salon, in Palm Beach, was shut down while people were actually getting their hair cut. Pamela Anderson’s “cozying up” to magician Criss Angel in Vegas may be the reason hubby Rick Salomon flipped out on her. Also, she has excellent taste. Hulk Hogan and Jessica Alba were named the two worst guests of Fox’s Morning Show With Mike and Juliet. A lot of people didn’t get into Moby once asked the concierge at a hotel in Kiev to send him up a “fan” because he was hot, and they tried to send him a groupie. Jamie Foxx is celebrating his 40th birthday at the Mirage in Vegas. Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson is now dating frozen-food czar Geir Frantzen. Harvey Weinstein challenged George Bush to a debate on the Iraq war. The Spice Girls are not selling out their comeback tour. “International decorator” Carleton Varney was tapped to design the Oscar Awards’ greenroom. A Mrs. Claus will be on hand at Chelsea magic store Abracadabra to spank those of you who have been naughty.