Multicultural Caroling in Ditmas Park: It’s the New Trick-or-Treating

Bay Ridge: With its unsolved crimes and rampant development, is the Ridge what L.A. was like back in the noir-y, true-crime forties and fifties? Seems a little grandiose for us. [Bay Ridge Rover]
Bedford-Stuyvesant: Okay, okay, it’s not the richest hood, but couldn’t they put up some holiday decorations? [Bed-Stuy Blog]
Ditmas Park: If you want to carol at the tree-lighting next weekend, you’d better know your Christmas and Hanukkah songs, but you’ll get extra credit if you can bring the Kwanzaa and solstice beats, too. [Ditmas Park Blog]

Downtown Brooklyn: A new walking tour of the area is veeery bitchy about all the new development there. [Brooklyn Paper]
East Village-Williamsburg: Hipsters last night experienced paranoia and confusion without the help of drugs when the L train got stuck under the East River for two hours. [amNY]
Upper East Side: Voted the hood’s best doorman, 81-year-old Steven Keschl hasn’t missed a day of work in 46 years. Bro, you need to call in sick, toke some doobage, and hit a movie. [NYDN]
West Village: Some people would rather Pier 40 host a few dozen garbage trucks than become a touristy “Vegas on the Hudson” hosting thousands of parked cars. [Downtown Express]