Seth Tobias’s Tiger Roars Again

We had been feeling a little bit guilty about the growing sordidness of the story of Seth Tobias, the Park Avenue–based hedge-fund manager and CNBC talking head who was found dead in the pool of his Palm Beach mansion in September and who was later revealed to have not only a trophy wife called Filomena (real name: Phyllis), who may or may not have killed him, but also a gay go-go dancer lover known as Tiger (left). But today Rush and Molloy spoke to Tiger, whose real name is Christopher Dauenhauer, and, once again, we cannot look away. The last time Tiger was asked about Tobias, he seemed kind of foggy on who he was. “He may have been this one guy I went with to the horse races,” he’d said. “Did we have sex? I’m assuming we probably did.” Today, his memory seems to have improved: “He put on some weight since we used to hang out,” says Tiger, who apparently speaks in the short, clipped sentences favored by authors of pulp detective novels. “We definitely had sex. He may have talked about me with Filomena during his drug binges. I may have been the only guy he’d ever been with. He may have thought I was his boyfriend. She may have gotten jealous.” We expect sales of Tiger’s seminal film Roar of the Tiger are going through the roof.

A wild Tiger tale in Tobias death [NYDN]
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