Good News for Fake News: Colbert and Stewart to Return to TV


Photo: Courtesy of Comedy Central

This should make those twentysomethings who have been forced to listen to NPR in the absence of The Daily Show happy. Following the lead of other night-show hosts, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have decided that, despite the ongoing writers’ strike, they’ll go back on the air January 7. “It was unclear why the two men decided to return,” the Times tells us this morning. Huh? We’re surprised the Times is fuzzy on this, because it seems pretty clear to us. If Leno, Letterman, Conan, and, for fuck’s sake, Jimmy Kimmel are going back on the air, sans writers, Stewart and Colbert, who are supposed to be funnier than any of them, can’t just, like, hide out wimpily. They may be funnymen, but they are still men.

Stewart and Colbert to Return Without Writers [NYT]
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