The ‘Sex and the City’ Trailer Arriveth!

Five months before the movie hits theaters (and approximately one week after filming ended and we had found out everything that happens in the movie because they filmed all of it in front of us), the Sex and the City movie preview is on YouTube. Click above to view it in all its meringue-y glory. And look for the tagline, which is so perfectly punny we actually shrieked when we saw it: “This Spring,” reads the large purple lettering, “Get Carried Away.” CARRIE-D AWAY? Oh God. We have five more months of this to deal with. What’s next? “It’s the Biggest Event of the Season”? “This Year, Things Get Harry With Charlotte”? “You’ll Be Jonesing for More”? By March, it’ll be “This Spring, Get Read Your Miranda Rights.” And by May, we can just see it: “This Spring, Find Out Who Got Into Stanford!”

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