Underwear Model Hits the Floor

A publicist for model Annabel Vartanian claims that the model fainted at a La Perla party because “she wore herself out,” not because she has an eating disorder. Kim Cattrall is donating all the furs she wore in the Sex and the City movie to PETA, which in turn will give them to charity. Cindy Adams is taking credit for breaking Enquirer’s John Edwards–is–having–an–affair story. East Village landmark dive bars Sophie’s and Mona’s are both going up for sale after the holidays. Police commish Ray Kelly says he won’t make a decision about running for mayor until after the presidential scrum plays out. Donald Trump will be David Letterman’s first guest back when he goes live on January 2. Model Selita Ebanks, who may have been dating James Blake, was at a Knicks game with Giants lineman Osi Umenyira.

Sundance used to be an “independent” film festival but now peddles in crass commercialization. Larry Flynt doesn’t like the fact that Rudy Giuliani moved in with gay people after he divorced his wife. T-shirts sporting the mug of cop-slugging anchorbabe Alycia Lane are now for sale. Lynne Spears’s parenting book is on hold now that her 16-year-old daughter is preggers. Liam Neeson rode a bike as part of a green initiative. Ricky Gervais turned down a role in a Woody Allen flick because “Woody Allen isn’t Woody Allen anymore,” though he may have been kidding. Pete Doherty is in the process of selling “raunchy” Kate Moss footage to a British network, though she’s trying to get an injunction to stop him. Rupert Everett says that gays are still discriminated against in Hollywood. Tony Romo brought Jessica Simpson to eat sushi with his parents in Dallas. Sharon Stone collects $175,000 per 30-minute non-charity appearance. Mel Brooks is scouting theaters in Vegas for Young Frankenstein and may be retiring after that. David Gest went to the hospital with chest pains.