Where Is Sherri’s Sketchy High-rise?

Next to the Methadone Clinic: Not only is The View’s Sherri Shepherd insisting that Jesus predated the great classical civilizations, she’s also looking at buying a condo in a high-rise “next to a methadone clinic.” But where? Only that pre-Greco-Roman J.C. guy knows. [Curbed]
Bedford-Stuyvesant: Lots of cute kitties here need a home. If you’ve already got enough cats, don’t look at the cute pictures, or you may end up with more, you big softie. (Or is it that you just can’t get along with people?) [Bed-Stuy Blog]
Corona: First there was white flight. Now there’s black flight. And when Martians land here, everybody-else flight will ensue. [Junction Boulevard]

Hell’s Kitchen: The extended 7 train will stop at 34th and Eleventh, but it doesn’t look like it’ll stop at 41st and Tenth, to the chagrin of some. [amNY]
East Village: Say good-bye to the Second Avenue chapel that held funeral services for Julius and Ethel Rosenberg after their 1953 execution. [Vanishing New York]
Roosevelt Island: Residents who long suspected that they might be happier if they moved off the island and back to Manhattan find that, indeed, they were right about that. Meanwhile, the left-behinds get defensive. [Roosevelt Islander]
Upper East Side: The city yanked back the catering permit for Third Church of Christ Scientist to hold secular fund-raising events, and the church is fighting back, saying it’s a free-speech violation. [NYS]