You Aren’t the Only Person Who Comes Home to Find Random People Smoking in Your Stairwell

Clinton Hill: Beware of undesirables who sneak into your apartment building to smoke butts, do drugs, copulate, urinate, and drink coffee. Because it’s happening. [Clinton Hill Blog]
East Village: The latest bank branch hopes that if it puts up a big photo of the hood in Ye Olden Days, no one will notice that it’s filled mostly with bank branches now. [Vanishing New York]
Flushing: Local Quaker farmers demand freedom of worship! Well, they did in 1657. But the tatty document in which they listed their demands, called “The religious Magna Carta of the New World,” is on display up in here. [NYT]

Flatbush: Locals are aiming to prevent the area’s Victorians from being razed to make room for six-unit Fedders boxes. [Brownstoner]
Harlem: Rhonda Ross, Diana’s less-famous-than-Tracee, real-estate-hawkin’ daughter, is singing up here tomorrow night. [Uptown Flavor]
Jackson Heights: The Latinos are mad that the Indians get all the publicity around here. [Jackson Heights Life]
Port Authority: Amid yesterday’s gusts, glass panes fell from the new Times building, injuring a pedestrian. Could global climate chaos combined with lots of new glass shacks add up to … TOTAL DISASTER? [Queens Crap]