A Cappella, Applebee’s Change the Face of Astoria

Astoria: This blogger doesn’t know which new arrival to the neighborhood is worse: the Broadway chorus-boy gays or the Applebee’s. [Manhattan Offender]
Bay Ridge: They’re gonna move the ugly-ass Gowanus Expressway onto a sleek cable suspension roadway and fill in the old area with emerald parkland! Well, wouldn’t it be pretty to think so. [NYDN
Cobble Hill: A developer wants to build townhouses on the empty land surrounding the pretty old Lamm Building on Amity Street, but locals object because the new houses wouldn’t face the street and leave room for backyards like all the other houses. Tense. [Brownstoner]

Meatpacking District: Be careful rocking your kippah at G-Spa! Reportedly, the Gansevoort Hotel lounge is the new hot spot for anti-Semitic harassment. [Gothamist]
Park Slope: It doesn’t appear that anything truly grisly came of the weekend stakeout outside the home of a raving gunman, but the catty press coverage riled Slopies, and, in turn, those who detest them: “I hate you, and your babies,” says this blogger. “All of you.” Ouch! [Gridskipper]
Pelham Parkway: Say good-bye to Frishman’s, that venerable White Plains Road intimate-apparel store that kind of spawned the Bra Smyth chain. [Lost City via Curbed]
Riverdale: It would probably be more expensive than the train and chilly in winter, but some commuters in this posh enclave want ferry service to midtown. [TalkBronx]