A Chabad Blogs

Astoria: Hm, if we get on the list now, can we make it into this de-gorgeous affordable housing complex for the elder set by the time we’re 65? If our income stays where it is now, we know we’ll qualify. [OuterB]
Crown Heights: The Chabad Orthodox sect here has a totally pimped-out ride memorializing the late, great Rebbe Schneerson. And did you know they also have their own blog? They’re so now! [Curbed]
Harlem: At P.S. 161 on Convent Ave., the teachers park on the sidewalks! Do they think they can get away with this just because they make subsistence wages? We think not. [Streetsblog]

South Bronx: Sounds like some nice young artsy liberal Wesleyan–grad types have been subpoenaed in a federal investigation of the Macheteros, an apparently violent Puerto Rican–independence group. [Talk Bronx]
Times Square: How many times must pieces of the new New York Times tower fall down amid the winter gusts? The answer is, uh…blowing in the…well, you get it. [Queens Crap]
Tribeca: With all the construction a-goin’-on in this town, you can lose your view even if you’re a multimillionaire living in one of downtown’s most expensive penthouses. This richie is. [NYS]
Upper East Side: Who is the cute long-haired young French lad posting bilingual YouTube tales of his UES angst and anomie? “I’m lonely, and I don’t care.” Quel cri de coeur! [78thand2nd]