Battery Pier: A Beautiful Disaster?

Battery Park: Are we weird because all the decrepit buildings the city wants to renovate — like this pier with a Victorian clock tower — we think are beautiful just as they are? Yeah, we’re probably weird. [NYT via Curbed]
Greenpoint: It was difficult to visit friends yesterday at this crazy-ass apartment because “the buzzards” weren’t working. Well, it was a holiday, after all. [Newyorkshitty]
Harlem: The Rev. Al Sharpton said yesterday that if MLK were to walk through Harlem today, he might not like what he saw. You mean his dream didn’t include “the gentrification people”? [NYS]

Long Island City: That massive waterfront affordable-housing development Bloomberg proudly announced a while back seems stuck in place…and it looks like 40 percent of the units won’t be “affordable” after all. [TheRealDeal via QueensCrap]
Midtown East: Oprah’s BFF, Gayle King, has bought a $7.4 million penthouse on East 57th with a wraparound terrace where she and La O can refrain from snuggling together after they don’t make love. [NYP]
Park Slope: Holy cannoli, guys! The Daily News just broke the story that while this and other Brooklyn hoods are rich and cozy, others — like Crown Heights and Brownsville — are poor and troubled! How could this have gone under the radar for so long? [NYDN]
West Village: WNBC political reporter Jay DeDapper (who is truly dapper) was jumped and robbed here last night after stopping at a pizza parlor on his way home from work. But two of the three alleged attackers were arrested, and it appears that Jay’s okay. [Gothamist]