Battle Over Randalls Island Playing Fields Wages On

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Here’s an arty do-it-yourself interpretation of the glassy standard bus shelter that’s taking over the city. No surprise this is for the bus that goes to Williamsburg, where all those arty DIY kids live! [Bed-Stuy Banana]
East Harlem: Locals are still waging a legal battle against the city’s plan to take $52 million over twenty years from top private schools like Dalton and Spence in exchange for the schools’ use of most of the Randalls Island athletic fields during peak after-school hours. [Newsday]
Forest Hills: Sure, that mini-mall on Austin Street is pretty hideous-looking, but it still has a Thai restaurant, a Greek restaurant, a creperie, a skater shop, and a comic-book emporium, so let’s stop complaining about its ugliness and count our blessings! [Queens Central]

Gramercy: The genteel area’s trendy new denizens brunch and shop at all the right places (Whym, Thomas Pink, Tourneau, Bose), but they still have enough heart to fuss over migrating birds they encounter on their way home. Sweet. [Gramercy Cafe]
Prospect Heights: It looks like Bruce Ratner’s worried that the slow process behind various legal challenges to the Atlantic Yards project could have a “chilling affect” on financing for the controversial, $4 billion high-rise project. [Gothamist]
South Bronx: Hear ye, hear ye! The fantabulous new $421 million Bronx Courthouse on 161st Street, begun in 2001, is finally supposed to open this week! [Talk Bronx]
Williamsburg: And speaking of W’burg and those artists who were kicked out of 475 Kent Street, posher folks are torn as to whether they owe the homeless bohos something or not for coming in and spiffing up the hood. [Curbed]