Bed-Stuy Invades Bushwick

Bushwick: Have Bedford-Stuyvesant landlords pushed the media to join them in identifying Bed-Stuy locales as part of trendier Bushwick? This blogger says that this fire really took place in the Stuy, but that’s not how the news reported it. [BushwickBK]
Chelsea: The old-school drunks still gather at the old-school Peter McManus Cafe, but after 7 p.m., THE KIDS arrive. Beware! [Vanishing NY]
Clinton: Folks from the 34th St. Partnership are trying to build a bike parking lot (isn’t that crazy!) on 33rd Street between Eighth and Ninth. If you have the $200,000 they need to pay for it, let them know. [Gothamist]

Long Island City: If you blog about your glossy new apartment tower in a fawning, stream-of-consciousness, grammatically suspect fashion, the developers will buy you dinner. Or vice versa? [LongIslandCityNYC]
South Slope: Hey Mr. Boymelgreen, where’s that refurbed J.J. Byrne Park you said you’d deliver in exchange for using it as a construction site for your big Novo development? “Perhaps the delays are due to the bitter, bitter weather we’ve been having, plus the unrelenting heavy snow.” Hahaha … not! [Gowanus Lounge]
Times Square: The old New York Times building may end up housing a Target or a T.J. Maxx (“All the merch that’s fit to stock!”), but they will landmark the 43rd Street façade, including the clock. [NYS]
Williamsburg: Pfizer says it wants to convert its huge, closed site here into a mixed-use project featuring affordable housing, but Assemblyman Vito Lopez wants to use eminent domain to seize the site for … well … uh, affordable housing. [NYO via Brownstoner]