Dancer Boy Does Greenpoint

Carroll Gardens: Hey, have you heard the one about the yacht that got stuck trying to take a left turn onto Second Place from Smith Street? [Gowanus Lounge]
East Village: Wow, look at that … they actually put two bike lanes on Second Avenue to make it easier for bikers to cross Houston without incurring death from left-turning traffic. [Streetsblog]
Greenpoint: Upper East Side office girls may have Chippendales strippers for their birthday and bachelorette parties. But the lucky ladies of Greenpoint have … Dancer Boy! [Newyorkshitty]

Harlem: Funeral services will be held tomorrow for jazz-vocalist legend Irene Reid. And can we just say, it’s great that our #1 Harlem source is posting again! Welcome back, peeps. [Uptown Flavor]
Jamaica: The owner of “the finest Beaux-Arts building in Queens” may stand in the way of its being landmarked. Probably doesn’t want any of those pesky “preservation pervs” lurking around. [Gothamist]
Lower East Side: Jeremiah, this acidly gentrification-hating blogger, went on MTV’s Virtual Lower East Side preparing to subvert it, but ended up liking it — not least because it’s desolate and free of frat hogs. [Vanishing New York]
Williamsburg: Mysterious, ingratiating ads on Bedford Avenue (reading, “Who are we? We are your friend”) appear to be that of a coming condo. But someone’s bitchily affixing F-you stickers that say, “We are rapacious developers” and “We are Eurotrash.” Love that. [Curbed]