It’s Raining Cristal! Oh, Wait

Bay Ridge: The congregation of a pretty 108-year-old stone church here wants it torn down to make room for condos and a smaller house of faith, but preservationists and bloggers are trying to stop them. [RightInBayRidge]
East Village: There’s a super-deluxe penthouse atop the Bowery Hotel for rent for $30,000 a month. And whoever wrote this e-mail pitch apparently thinks it’s okay for would-be renters to “piss Cristal off the balcony.” [Curbed]
Forest Hills: If you want nice local businesses like Laytner’s to survive over skeevy stores, you have to shop local, instead of paying slightly less at the big chains. And here’s the receipt to prove it. [Forest Hills 72]

Long Island City: If you get ahold of one of those Day-Glo flower decals that taxi hoods have been sporting and then cut it into strips that you then apply to the side of your old seventies Maverick, you, too, can get this cool look. [LIQCity]
Lower East Side: The Village Voice has erected a big billboard reading, “Where Have all the Junkies Gone?” We hope the Voice knows. If it doesn’t, it’s really as clueless as its foes say it is these days. [Copyranter]
Park Slope: The hot poolroom bar Union Hall doesn’t allow Slopies to bring their kids here anymore, which makes sense to some Sloparents who yearn to drink in quiet. [Gowanus Lounge]
Sunnyside: “Punta g” means the G-spot in Spanish. And it’s the name of a place opening soon offering “drinking and dancing,” if not, as originally planned, stripping. And the hood’s new parenting class ain’t too happy about that. [Queens Rocks]