Guess We Know What Serena Was Doing in ‘Europe’ This Summer

As you may imagine, we are eagerly looking forward to the Gossip Girl season finale tomorrow night. You might even say that we are pregnant with anticipation. Even though we know “Episode 17: A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate” is not the finale as God and Josh Schwartz intended, that the show is only actually ending now because some stupid writers decided they needed to have health insurance or whatever, we’ve got our white tights and headbands all laid out for the blessed event because we’re sure the Best Show of Our Time will go out with a bang. And now, our friends over at Radar have got us whipped into even more of a frenzy with an excellent item about one of the Gossip Girl players. As you may know, we prefer not to acknowledge anything that suggests the people on the show are actors and actresses, because the characters are real to us and we think everyone should fucking respect that. So we’ll put it this way: Which prominent Upper East Side princess once had a much more prominent honker? Oh, wait, duh, you can tell from the photos above. This sheds new light on what Serena was doing in “Europe” over the summer. Will Blair have to go “away” to have Chuck-Nate Jr.?

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