‘Gossip Girl’: Too Beautiful for This World

Last night — the night we will forever remember as the first Wednesday night after the first season of Gossip Girl, the best show of our time, came to its untimely, tragic end — we stepped out of the office and immediately felt something missing. We felt tingly and strange, like an amputee missing a limb. Well, maybe not quite like an amputee missing a limb. We looked at our hands — they were shaking. Our foreheads — boiling. We felt faint, empty, and there was only one way to fill the void inside of us. We hastened to our DVR. “We’ll just watch one,” we said to ourselves. “Just one.” Hours later we came to, as if from a dream. We were sticky and wearing four to six striped scarves. It was then we realized: We had gone on a full-on Gossip Girl binge. But! We managed to record some of our favorite moments, which we present to you in the above montage. It’s not all of our favorite moments — our bastard DVR took it upon itself to delete the first half of the season — but that’s probably a good thing. If we had watched the full season in our fugue state, it might have been dangerous. Click the image to watch.

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