In Brooklyn, Is Everything Too Tall Already?

Cobble Hill: On Atlantic Avenue, the maybe-too-tall rental that nobody wants is going up too fast, while the adjacent Trader Joe’s that everybody wants is going up too slow! Goldilocks is gagging! [Brownstoner]
Downtown Brooklyn: Uh, that tower that’ll top the big Citypoint development at the Albee Square Mall will be 65 stories! That’s, like, taller than the Williamsburgh Savings Bank! So is it … too tall? [Gowanus Lounge]
Greenpoint: At last, a Brooklyn detached unit you can afford, with extra amenities like a beer-swilling Lucy Van Pelt figure. [Newyorkshitty]

Koreatown: Rich Korean kids party at Maru, and they “love to live in midtown” (snooze) because, well, midtown is the new Hong Kong! [NYO]
Upper East Side: We are so relieved to know that these busy uptown gals are still getting together for Girls Night Out despite how busy they are being married and walking their dogs. And it’s poignant they think they can re-create their crazy downtown youth on Madison and 66th. [Sex and the UES]
West Village: It ain’t just fey guys and twiggy models pushing the hood now; this elite site for poshly macho hetero dads flacks for luxury Village living because it offers “sunset views of the Hudson, and sunset views of actresses.” [UrbanDaddy via Curbed]