Is Hillary Clinton Indeed Tracy Flick?

This week, Slate V has addressed an issue that we (and others) have been thinking about for a long time. That is: Is Hillary Clinton secretly the exact same person as Tracy Flick, the beloved Reese Witherspoon character from the movie Election? She’s blonde, she’s driven, she’s oddly sexless (even as she is sexualized by others), she’s competitive and ruthless, and sometimes you wonder whether she has the emotions of normal people. (You know, like how you wonder whether Tom Cruise would have to look around at a funeral to see what everybody else was doing before he knew not to cackle.) The video (click above to view) isn’t the best thing you’ve ever seen, but you KNOW the musical howling that goes on the first time you see Barack Obama supporters is exactly the noise that Hillary hears in her head. It even sounds like her voice!

Hillary Clinton’s Inner Tracy Flick [Slate V]