Spotted: Blair’s Mom!

Blair's Mom

Serena and Dan are totally dating, but don’t tell New
.”Photo: Courtesy of CW

It’s been a week since the Gossip Girl season finale, and with no new episodes until God knows when, we don’t have much to live for. So when we spotted Margaret Colin, who plays Eleanor Waldorf, at opening night of The 39 Steps at the American Airlines Theatre last night, we almost knocked down a few innocent bystanders to get to her. After gushing like a tween at a Hannah Montana concert about what huge, geeky fans we are, we begged for tidbits to quell our Gossip Girl withdrawal. Colin, who by the way we recently noticed had a bit part as a teacher in John Hughes classic Pretty in Pink, was looking very Upper East Side in a black beaded jacket and flat riding boots. “The girl that my character is based on, she’s an extra in the show,” Colin said. “She’s my assistant in a couple of episodes. We actually use her designs on the show. She’s completely delicious — she’s like 12.” Like a good Gossip Girl tipster might, we kept tabs on the popular kids. Are any of the cast members dating in real life?, we asked. Like, you know, Serena and Dan? “Oh, I wouldn’t know, they’re not going to tell the mom!” Colin says, throwing her head back and letting out a throaty laugh. “I think they are.” —Maridel Reyes