10 Jay to Get Five More Stories

Astoria: If a park designated as a “sitting area” has nowhere to sit, is that kind of like if a tree fell in the forest in that park — if there were a forest there — and no one heard it? Is it really a sitting area at all? Or even a forest or a park? Think about it. [Queens Crap]
Bushwick: Get your knives out, the Argentines are coming! Uh, your steak knives, that is, because they make great steaks. Get it? [BushwickBK]
Dumbo: That landmark building at 10 Jay Street where the raves used to be held in the early aughts? Those aren’t cabanas going on the roof — it’s added five stories! Is it going residential? [DumboNYC]

Lower East Side: Take this tour through Streit’s matzo factory before it closes…and don’t complain that the matzo’s “hard and dry.” It’s supposed to be that way, ya dummy! [Vanishing New York]
South Bronx: Students at CUNY’s Grad School of Journalism, in Manhattan, are going to help kids here blog about the obesity crisis in their neighborhood. But blogging is…sedentary. [Talk Bronx]
Tribeca: That grubby little triangle of land where Varick, Canal, and Laight Streets meet will soon become a charming little park, the perfect green jewel for the new development going up on all sides. [Curbed]
Upper East Side: What’s up with all those cryptic “1849” stickers posted around 77th and Second? Let’s hope this is a genuine cult (Gold Miners’ Revival?) and not some slick marketing ploy! [78thand2nd]