The Bike Shelters Are Closing In

Bushwick: Recently, a bunch of so-called freegans built a mountain of thrown-out breadstuffs here to protest food waste. Yum. [WildGreenYonder]
Long Island City: The long-anticipated bike racks with sleek shelters have arrived, absolutely essential for … uh … not burning your butt on a sun-soaked banana seat? [Curbed]
Lower East Side: The Streit family wanted $25 mil for their Rivington Street matzo factory (which’ll likely go condo), but it looks like they may get more. That’s a fact we’ll leave unleavened by humor. [Vanishing New York]

Park Slope: Slopies are hypocrites who say they want to support local shops but then suck needily at the corporate teat of Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. So sayeth this bitchy blogger. [Icky in Brooklyn]
Prospect Heights: Brooklyn lit types like Jonathan Lethem, Jennifer Egan, and Katie Roiphe have contributed essays to a book meant to raise money for the anti–Atlantic Yards group Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, which counts Lethem and Egan on its board. [NYS via No Land Grab]
Roosevelt Island: There’s more luxury housing on this quiet island getaway, which has led to the inevitable Duane Reade. But now there are better restaurants! [NYO via Roosevelt Islander]
West Village: One Bank Street isn’t the only building in the city where landlords are chucking longtime tenants for deep-pocketed short-stayers, but with potluck dinners in the lobby and tenant art in the laundry room, it sounds like the most fun. [VV via Blog Chelsea]
Tim Murphy