They Should Call It ‘Burrow Hall’!

Bronx: Okay, okay, so this isn’t hood-specific … but how cool is it that there’s gonna be an online mag, called Cross Bronx (get it?), featuring writers and artists in the Boogie Down? [Talk Bronx]
Brooklyn Heights: The rats around Cadman Plaza are so out of control it seems the city’s called in a private exterminator, which may be wise judging from the massive size of those rat burrows. Burrow Hall? Ha-ha! [Pardon Me for Asking]
East Village: The old lady who sits next to Gino the tailor all day in his 14th Street shop is quiet when people come in, but when they leave, she yells at him about all the things he does wrong. Reportedly. [Vanishing New York]

Gowanus: With the recent decline of eccentrically dressed NYC people who live out of a shopping cart, the ironic, middle-class Idiotarod race now re-creates them for a day. Video here. [McBrooklyn]
Ridgewood: Can you believe the nerve of the people here, taking the credit for Bushwick’s hot up-and-coming status when we all know it should go to Williamsburg? The gall. [BushwickBK]