‘Times’ of London Rips Off ‘Radar’ Listicle


Photo Courtesy Radar

When Radar ran their medium-funny “100 Reasons You’re Still Single” article back in September, we thought it was a smidge annoying. But in Radar’s defense, it wasn’t nearly as annoying as when the Times of London fully ripped off their list and published a very similar version this weekend. Note the similarities from the Times’ “50 Reasons Why You’re Still Single”:

RADAR: 5. Are only gay when you’re drunk
TIMES: 16. Are only gay when you’re drunk

RADAR: 38. Refuse to remove your Bluetooth earpiece during sex
TIMES: 18. Refuse to remove your Bluetooth headset before making love

RADAR: 52. Have more than zero stuffed animals on your bed
TIMES: 3. Have more than zero stuffed animals on your bed

RADAR: 37. Prefer the “fist bump” when meeting strangers and always insist they “lock it in”
TIMES: 12. Prefer the “fist bump” when meeting strangers, and always insist they “lock it in”

RADAR: 55. Think the energy crisis can be solved with crystals
TIMES: 19. Think the energy crisis can be solved with crystals

RADAR: 58. Have taken more than one cell phone picture of your genitals
TIMES: 21. Have ever taken more than one mobile-phone photograph of your genitals

RADAR: 78. Own all 24 volumes of Now That’s What I Call Music!
TIMES: 22. Own 27 volumes of Now That’s What I Call Music!

RADAR: 13. Use emoticons in handwritten letters
TIMES: 18. Write in coloured ink and/or use smiley faces in handwritten letters

RADAR: 70. Sold your forehead to goldenpalace.com
TIMES: 10. Have sold your forehead to an internet advertising agency

RADAR: 8. Have a ferret on your shoulder
TIMES: 23. Have a stuffed parrot on your shoulder

RADAR: 97. Phone in long-distance radio dedications
TIMES: 22. Have telephoned in a late-night radio dedication

RADAR: 30. Own a calendar featuring babies dressed as cowboys
TIMES: 1. Have a calendar stuck to your wall with pictures of babies in plant pots

RADAR: 47. Have a five o’clock shadow, on your ass
TIMES: 16. Have a five o’clock shadow

RADAR: 99. Believe the mouth is self-cleaning
TIMES: 6. Believe that certain things are self-cleaning

RADAR: 45. Have ever said: “That’s sooo Sagittarius”
TIMES: 24. Have said, “Oh my God, you’re a Gemini?”

RADAR: 6. Have written poetry inside a Starbucks
TIMES: 8. Have written poetry in Costa Coffee.

100 Reasons You’re Still Single [Radar]
50 Reasons Why You’re Still Single [Times of London]