Trump Soho Victim Had Wife, Kids. Project Was Under Investigation for Code Violations.

Trump Soho Damage

The site of the damage on the top of the building.Photo: Melissa Hom

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer just released a statement on this afternoon’s accident at 246 Spring Street, the site of the Trump Tower hotel, where a bucket of wet cement crashed into the building’s scaffolding on the 40th floor, killing a worker, a married father from the Ukraine named Yuri, according to the New York Post and injuring several others. Some have noted that the tower had been going up a little too quickly, and from the statement it seems as though that had something to do with today’s events.

The accident at the new hotel at 246 Spring Street is another example of the dangerous conditions created by rushed construction in Manhattan. My office did an initial investigation of violations at the site and discovered that there were two Class A violations issued on October 26, 2007. These violations are considered high risk. However, the construction was allowed to continue unchecked and the Environmental Control Board hearing to review the violations was not scheduled until January 24, 2008. This is unacceptable. The death and injury of construction workers and the compromised safety of emergency responders and surrounding community should not be considered the cost of doing business in Manhattan.

The property’s owner Donald Trump has yet to issue a statement.