Bedford-Stuyvesant Not So Sold on the ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ Parts of This Election

Bedford-Stuyvesant: Some folks are skeptical that anything will change here, no matter who’s elected in November. And they’re employing their mailboxes to say so. [Newyorkshitty]
Greenwich Village: After renovations of Washington Square Park found human remains there, folks will protest there tonight, saying the city should merely “repair” the park and not upset buried bones with a full-scale redo. [Metro]
Jackson Heights: This is the home of the largest of 47 rent-stabilized apartment buildings throughout Queens just purchased for $300 million by Vantage Properties. Housing advocates fear the new owner will systematically push out low-rent-paying tenants in the nearly 2,000 units. [The Real Deal]

Red Hook: The transportation-challenged hood, facing the temporary closing of its nearby F and G train stations, may get two new bus routes to Manhattan by September. [NYDN]
Soho: Trump is advertising his controversial, possibly cursed condo-hotel on Gmail. Will it show up next in the spam filter with penile-enhancement ads? [Curbed]
South Bronx: When Roberta Flack showed up for a recital recently at the music school here with her name, students killed her softly with her own songs. [Talk Bronx]
Upper West Side: There was a huge pile of flaming trash yesterday morning at 100th Street and West End Avenue. Funny, we thought all the flaming trash in the hood had long ago moved to Chelsea. [TONY]