Beware Midtown Fortune-Tellers! (As If You Weren’t Wary Before)

Chelsea: All the fabulous old Chelsea freaks and bohos partied at Cindy Gallop’s wacky loft in the old YMCA building, but this time, sadly, the waiters kept their pants on. [Living with Legends]
Midtown: It’s funny/sad that a fortune-teller here duped an entrepreneur out of nearly half a million by telling him he was cursed, but it’s just plain funny that the Post said the guy was from “tony Wilson, Wyoming.” Bitchy! [NYP]
Red Hook Guess which “degentrifying” hood had the distinct honor of producing confetti for today’s Super Bowl–victory parade? Local hearts were “aflutter” with pride…get it? [The Real Deal]

Riverdale: The Hudson’s waters up here are just too dangerous for a ferry to Manhattan, a local insists. Oh, loosen up, worrywart! [Riverdale Press]
Upper West Side: It doesn’t matter that, after being mocked by Curbed, the broker changed this listing from reading “specious” apartment to “spacious”; it’s still a grammar disaster! Copy editors, start your engines! [Halstead via Curbed]
Village: Wanna know just how massive and transformative NYU’s plans for the area really are? Keep on clicking for the whole picture (including a pedestrian-only Washington Place), which, depending on your point of view, is either Orwellian or delightful. [Curbed]
Williamsburg: Plans for a huge development around the freshly landmarked Domino Sugar building include a big glass box on top of the structure…but not the iconic Domino sign! And don’t even mention that giant Pez dispenser. [NYDN]