Bloomberg Continues His Crusade Against Fun Things That Are Bad for You

Mike Bloomberg

Photo: Getty Images

First Bloomberg took away smoking. Then he took away fat. Sure, this is good for us in the long term, but what about now? Is he going to take away all our cheap, easy pleasures? It seems like he’s trying. Yesterday had Hizzoner all up in the federal government’s business again, railing against the federal stimulus package recently passed by the Senate, which will see $600 to $1,200 distributed to most Americans this tax season. Whee! “They want to send out a check to everybody to stimulate the economy,” he said, as if this on the face of it was a bad thing. “It’s in many senses like giving a drink to an alcoholic,” he continued. Wait a second. Has Bloomberg been looking at our bank statements? Because actually that’s exactly what it is going to be like. But it’s not like it’s our fault. When did cocktails start costing $20?

Mayor: Stimulus Like Giving Drink to Alcoholic [NYS]