Celine Dion Is F---ing With the Cast of ‘Spring Awakening’

The cast of Spring Awakening likes watching the parody video “Celine Dion Is Fucking Amazing” before taking the stage. Jamie Johnson’s The One Percent, the second movie he’s made about rich Upper East Siders, premieres tonight. Alice + Olive designer Stacey Bendet got engaged to Eric Eisner, son of former Disney chief Michael Eisner. Entertainment Weekly canceled its annual Oscar-night viewing party at Elaine’s. Mary-Kate Olsen hung out with pals at old standby the Bowery Hotel on Friday.

Yet another editor left In Style, this one to go work at Page Six Magazine. Cop-slugging former Philly news anchor Alycia Lane bought her D.J. boyfriend, Chris Booker, a new cat. Dina Lohan wants Lindsay to be involved in the filming of her E! realty show Momager, but papa Michael says Lindsay told him that she wouldn’t be. Michael Bolton’s three adult daughters hate Nicollette Sheridan so much that they made dad rent them a house in St. Martin so they didn’t have to stay with him and Sheridan in St. Barts. Billionaire printing heir Richard Quadracci is claiming that his mother, Betty, hired a private Dominican Republic doctor to drug, kidnap, and commit him to a mental institution to prevent him from inheriting his share of the family fortune. One day after “Page Six” reported him “clean, sober, and slimmed down,” Brandon Davis had a meltdown in the lobby of a Miami hotel before going out and fondling girls in local nightclubs. Songwriting great Sami McKinney, who died of a heart attack at the age of 50, was laid to rest on Saturday with a service paid for by Denise Rich. The makers of a fitness tape Jessica Simpson made in 2005 are suing her because she won’t give final approval. Soon-to-be-divorced center Shaquille O’Neal hollered at some girls at the All-Star Game in New Orleans. Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are still partying a lot, despite the fact that they just had a kid. Britney Spears now has bodyguards following her to ensure that she does not go to the bathroom or a bar alone. Producer Scott Rudin says he got ahold of No Country for Old Men after the president of his company read the unpublished manuscript.