She Was a Day-tripper, Ferry Driver, Yeah!

Coney Island: “Imagine getting on a ferry at Hunt’s Point for a day trip” here! That’s what Christine Quinn floated yesterday in her big speech. Could it really happen? [Kinetic Carnival]
East Village: McMansion mogul Robert Toll’s 27-year-old NYU social-work-student son Jacob lives with two of his buds in a $2.2 million condo in his dad’s glossy new One Ten 3rd building. How will he pay that mortgage on a social worker’s salary? (Cue cynical chortles.) [NYO]
Midtown: Wouldn’t it be cool if the retired math professor who nearly died of a bondage incident in a sex club here could get his wife in on his S&M thing instead of having to shamefully confess it to her in the Post? Now he’s vowing to break his addiction. Why not just go safe, sane, and consensual? [Gothamist]

SoHo: Seventy percent of buyers into the Trump SoHo condo-hotel are foreign, including Swedish soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic. And among the U.S. buyers, a third are New Yorkers. Hmmm. [NYO]
South Bronx: Schoolkids’ parents are outraged that the city won’t pay for an analysis of a complex plan to clean up a toxic-waste site sitting under four new schools. Meanwhile, the kids have rashes and asthma! [NYDN]
Willets Point: A report based on input from countless community groups gives a big fat thumbs-down to the city’s plans for a big megadevelopment in this stretch of Queens. [Queens Crap]
Williamsburg: A luxury condo went up on the river here, but if you’re looking east down a cross street in the East Village, it looks like it went up amid the projects of Avenue D! Check out this fun socioeconomic optical illusion! [Curbed]