Dutch Kills Residents So Mad They Could, Um, Berate the Zoning Board

Dutch Kills: Seems that by the time they finish zoning this swath of Long Island City against tall hotels, it’ll already be chock-full of ‘em … Ground’s been broken on too many to stop. [NYDN]
East Harlem: In other critter news, this story about a poodle named Miss Bea — rescued from a closet after so much neglect that her matted, dirty coat became “like a tortoiseshell” — will probably make you cry, barf, or both. [NYDN]
Hell’s Kitchen: We must say, we remain fascinated with the charmingly boring blog of this HKer who posts such daily banalities as photos of his dishes in local eateries and accounts of his walks around town. [Hell’s Kitchen NYC]

Inwood: The hood might get a special, Chelsea-style separated bike lane connecting the Hudson and Harlem River greenways. Cool, that! [Streetsblog]
Pelham Gardens: Why are huge sinkholes, house-evacuating ground shifts, and gas-line ruptures happening in this part of the northeast Bronx? People are freaked out! [Talk Bronx]
Sunset Park: Greenwood Cemetery is overrun with (mostly non-rabid) raccoons that dig up graves and break into crypts for food! That is so, like, Disney meets Stephen King. [Gothamist]
Williamsburg: Because it mass-produced penicillin during WWII, the big old Pfizer plant, which some are trying to turn into affordable housing, has just been named a National Historical Chemical Landmark. Hm. We’re surprised some haunts of our own haven’t been given that honor. [Curbed]