Eric Nederlander Just Can’t Win

Broadway scion Eric Nederlander is divorcing his second wife just seven weeks after having a daughter with her. Theodora Richards is now vice-president of creative direction at some jeans company. Maxim gave Nas’s new album two and a half stars despite the fact that it’s not even done yet. (They did the same thing to the new Black Crowes record.) Grey’s Anatomy star Sara Ramirez flipped out at a midtown bar after a female fan chatted up her boyfriend. Lorne Michaels is in talks with a major Vegas casino to create a live SNL revue starring former popular cast members.

The actor who plays Dumbledore in the Harry Potter films, Michael Gambon, had a kid with a set designer 25 years his junior, though his wife of 45 years is evidently cool with it. Sharon Stone is not interested in playing Hillary Clinton in a biopic. Marc Anthony’s ex-wife, a former Miss Universe, is writing a book about their brief marriage. George Lucas showed up at the Hip Hop Summit Action Network awards with his girlfriend, investment manager Mellody Hobson, who was being honored. Hillary Clinton strategist Marc Penn has pissed off his neighbors in Georgetown because he didn’t tell them about home renovations he was doing. The actress who play Carol Brady now has a popular show on Retirement Living TV. Corey Feldman says that he and Corey Haim go through marriage counseling on the next season of their show. Greg Norman and his fiancée, former tennis pro Chrissie Evert, may or may not have bought Veronica Hearst’s foreclosed house. Model Ryan Haddon won’t wear Jimmy Choos anymore because ex-husband Christian Slater is now with Tamara Mellon. Stephon Marbury made a hot blonde date wait for him for more than an hour at Geisha on East 61st but did leave a big tip. Henry Hager, the fiancé of Jenna Bush, was turned away from a bar in Miami’s Delano hotel because Bobby Flay was having a private party there. Diablo Cody wants to get a tattoo of Ellen Page’s face. The owner of popular L.A. clubs Hyde and Area might have facilitated a raid on other popular L.A. club Goa. Bailey House is auctioning off a lunch with Anderson Cooper. Will Ferrell thinks that the Knicks should just stop their season right now. (We agree.) Meryl Streep and Mike Nichols ate at Café Gray.