It’s the Media That Makes Elisabeth Hasselbeck Seem Witchy, Not Her Live TV Show

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Photo: Getty Images

The View hostess Elisabeth Hasselbeck is just consistently misunderstood. First of all, she tells Newsweek, she is an “artist” — not a mere talking head. Secondly, she was “joking” (and totally hormonal!) when she said that Hillary Clinton had her vote after the senator sent her a nice note when her baby was born. But what’s really bizarre, she says, is how people think she’s kind of a bitch. “People are, like, ‘she must be witchy,’” Hasselbeck says. But that’s not her fault, see. The liberal media makes her look that way. “I think it’s the liberal bias in the media that I’m the one who’s argumentative,” she says. That’s funny, because we would think it’s all the screeching about “our enemies in Iraq” and “life begins at penetration” shrillery that comes out of her own mouth on live television that would make people think that.

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