Janet Jackson Teaches Larry King ‘The Dance of the Video’

Since both Janet Jackson and Larry King have been around since roughly forever, we assumed they were around the same age. Sure, they don’t look it, but that’s because, we figured, Larry has aged naturally while it’s safe to say that Janet has had some work done. But last night when Janet gave a suspendered Larry lessons on how to do the dance from her new video, it became clear that they were in fact from different generations. “What’s this dance called?” Larry asked, clearly assuming that it would have a name, like “The Mashed Potato” or “The Freddy.” Janet stared at him blankly. “It’s…the dance of the video,” she said. “The Dance of the Video!” Larry proclaimed, striking a pose. “I bet this is how Gene Kelly started.” Click the photo to watch.

Janet Teaches Larry King Dance Moves [CNN]